Range of Products


Our range of rubber products includes:


  O-Rings   in NBR / FPM / VMQ / EPDM / CR
  flat-rings   in NBR / FPM / VMQ / EPDM / CR
  moulded parts   in NBR / FPM / VMQ / EPDM / CR
  cord rings   in NBR / FPM / VMQ / EPDM / CR
  oil seals   in NBR / FPM and FFKM
  screw seals for food industry   in NBR / FPM / MVQ (VMQ)


  Our range of PTFE/Teflon-products includes:
  O-rings, flat seals - solid and sheathed
  FEP-encaps, seamless, with a rubber core of FPM or VMQ
  lip-type packings, pot- and cup seals, valve seals
  oil seals, piston- and rod seals, back-up rings,
  linings, external and internal
  semi-finished products, foils, tapes, plates, rods, tubes
  custom-made parts .